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Silver Aquamarine necklace


This silver Aquamarine necklace is a stunning piece of gemstone jewelry, featuring a beautiful Aquamarine pendant set in 925 sterling silver. With its elegant and versatile design, it can be worn as a layered necklace or on its own, making it a perfect gift for her, especially as a birthstone necklace for those born in March, as Aquamarine is the birthstone for that month. This necklace combines the timeless beauty of silver with the tranquil charm of Aquamarine, making it a cherished addition to any jewelry collection.


Length: 40+5cm
Stone size: 11mm *14mm
Material: s925 sterling silver with blue aquamarine (Please take note that aquamarine is a some transparent stone that exhibits varying shades of red depending on its position. As the necklace is crafted with all-natural stones, each one may have slight differences.)

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