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Lapis lazuli necklace


This exquisite lapis lazuli necklace boasts a vintage design that embodies sophistication and classic charm. At the center of the pendant, an oval lapis lazuli stone stands out with its captivating deep blue hue, reminiscent of a starry night sky. This intense blue is not just a visual marvel; it symbolizes wisdom, truth, and nobility, adding a profound and ancestral meaning to the piece. The design of the necklace, with its elegant and antique touch, makes it a timeless piece, perfect for adding a dash of elegance and history to any outfit.


Length: 40+5 cm
Material: 18k gold filled s925 sterling silver
Stone: Natural blue lapis lazuli (As the necklace are crafted with natural stones, each one may have slight differences.)
Lapis lazuli size: 6*8mm
Pendant size: 22*14mm


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