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Baguette black onyx stud earrings


18K gold filled gemstone earrings, with a real black onyx. Gemstones are designed and cutted in rectangle or baguette shape, inlaid in a18k gold base, carefully handcrafted. It is classic and elegant and will add a beautiful sparkle to a day or evening look.

With vintage inspiration, these onyx earrings are minimalistic, yet bold enough to catch the eye. The rectangle shape and black stone are so versatile they can take you from an important meeting to an exciting night out.

This earrings is the perfect gift, a meaningful way to show your love to any woman or girl that appreciates high-quality solid gold and gemstone jewelry.

Onyx is also Capricorn birthstone, it believed to resonate well with the traits and characteristics of Capricorns, which include qualities such as determination, discipline, practicality, and a strong sense of responsibility. This stone is thought to help Capricorns harness their focus and achieve their goals by providing them with grounding energy.

Length: 1cm
Material: 18k gold filled s925 sterling silver with black onyx


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Baguette black onyx stud earrings
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