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Malachite pendant


Introducing our elegant Dainty Malachite Pendant—a true embodiment of natural beauty and style. This Malachite necklace offers a unique and captivating charm with a selection of chain options, all crafted in Sterling Silver, making it the perfect gift for her.

Choose from our variety of chain options to customize your look. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of the Classic Link Chain, the modern flair of the Satellite Chain, the classic charm of the Pearls Chain, or the specialist touch of the Emerald Beaded Chain Necklace, you can create a style that matches your individual taste and complements your outfit seamlessly.

Looking for the perfect gift for that special woman in your life? This Dainty Malachite Pendant is an excellent choice. Its unique charm and variety of chain options make it a thoughtful and meaningful gift that she'll treasure.

Material: 18k gold filled s925 sterling silver
Stone: Natural green malachite (As the necklace are crafted with natural stones, each one may have slight differences.)
Malachite size: 1*0,8cm

Satellite chain length: 40+6cm
Link chain length : 40+6
3mm Pearls chain length: 34+6cm
3mm emerald chain length: 38+6cm


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